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 Editorial Review: Cultivating Creative Minds
HOW Magazine International Design Annual, April 2010 

Give the budding young creative in youir life some encouragement with the Design Dossier series of books from Paintbox Press. The first title in the series, The World of Design, provides a fun and easy-to-navigate introduction to all things design-related.”

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 Excerpt from Customer Review:  2.01.21                                   ©Love the Feel of the Page
"This book does an amazing job. It breaks down the elements of design and explains them very clearly. The exercises are fun and relevant. . . I bought several copies of this book to share with others."


 Excerpt from Customer Review: 2.18.11
"Wonderful for introducing the various career opportunities involving design. This book is organized well and easy to read. It has tabs for easy reference, pullout cards, and more! I bought it for my children . . . but I find myself stealing it away so that I can read it!"


American Graphic Design Award: The World of Design


 Editorial ReviewJohn Hill, A Daily Dose of Architecture Books     "Design Dossier: Architecture for Kids has a more diverse format than most books. It is spiral-bound and has tabbed pages demarcating the six chapters: Architecture, Creativity, Portfolio, Milestones, Step-by-Step, and My Studio. The book progresses roughly from general to specific, from photos of different types of buildings in the first chapter to an exercise on a CD-ROM in the last. . . for me it was reminiscent of the earliest architectural classes I took, in which learned design by doing design.” 


  Excerpt from Customer Review                                  "Great gift for a young aspiring architect, although just a little pricey. My 13-year old loved it, so I’m happy."


Parents' Choice Gold Award 2012

 Editorial Review: Steven Heller / Print Magazine                             L'Enfant Graphic Designer 2010                                                                      It is never too early to corral kids into the design world. The earlier you start, the more literate they will be. . . Design Dossier: Graphic Design for Kids is a mini-class on all the aspects of graphic design, including profiles of graphic designers, each answering a few key questions about the art and craft. The book is also a wonderful tactile experience. The interviews are on flash cards, and there are pull-outs, die-cuts, and other special effects that allow the young student (I reckon 10 to 15) a chance to interact with the material.

What’s more, it’s an actual book. While this may seem arcane for children raised in the digital age, it certainly is refreshing to see that Ms. Pease does not buy into the “print is dead” myth.


 Twitter Comment:                                                                                   "Kids? Heck, I'm getting one for me!" 


 Editorial Review: Maria Popova / Atlantic Magazine                      Graphic Design for Kids and 6 Other Artful Nonfiction Books          "Graphic Design for Kids, part of the excellent Design Dossier series by Pamela Pease, introduces kids to the wonderful world of graphic design, from its history to its problem-solving and critical thinking methods. . . The interactive, spiral-bound volume includes profiles of iconic designers, with flash cards featuring pithy insights on their craft, brimming with die-cuts, pull-outs, and other treats that only analog books can offer." 


 Excerpt from Customer Review: ©Madison Seling, AMAZING. I've never seen anything like this. I love the mini artist profiles! I teach a graphic design class for 4-6th graders, so this is a fantastic resource for me! Thank you for making this book! 


 Customer Review: © Elena B. Flores                              "Well written, highly informative...great design book. I am using it for high school level students."